As many of you know, the 56th International Congress on Medieval Studies, hosted by Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI, will be held live on the internet from Monday, May 10, through Saturday, May 15, 2021.


The Dante Society of America has organized three panel sessions, which will be held on Monday, May 10. Sessions are open to registered attendees only.


We are grateful to Akash Kumar (Indiana University) for arranging these sessions, which include papers by twelve fellow members. For details, please see below and the attached PDF, as well as our DSA website.




Monday May 10, 11:00 AM EDT

Dante 1: Bodies, Senses, Spaces

Elisabeth Trischler (University of Leeds), “The ‘Chiostro’ Paradox of Dante’s Commedia:  Creating Meaning through Contemplative Modes”

Raphael Stepken (Humboldt University), “L’esperienza di retro al sol, del mondo sanza gente: Ulysses and the Metaphysical Meaning of Space as Void in Inferno 26”

Paolo Scartoni (Rutgers University), “‘Mi dirizzò con le parole sue’: From Counsel to Action in Paradiso

Ben David (Lewis and Clark College), “The Wisdom of Dante’s Body in Inferno 21-23”

Monday May 10 1:00 PM EDT

Dante 2: Poetry, Philosophy, and Fabricated Meaning

Matteo Pace (Connecticut College), “Pneuma, ventus, bufera: On Violent Compulsion and Dante’s Circle of Lust”

Alani Hicks-Bartlett (Brown University), “e vei jausen lo joi qu’esper denan”: Dante’s Fabrication of Arnaut Daniel in Purgatorio XXVI and De vulgari eloquentia

Humberto Ballesteros (Hostos Community College), “How to Reach the Point Enclosed by that which it Encloses:  A Proposal for Reading Paradiso 28”

Aistė Kiltinavičiūtė (University of Cambridge), “The Body and the Senses in Dante’s Dreams”

Monday May 10 5:00 PM EDT

Dante 3: Historical Contexts, Hybrid Forms

Mattia Boccuti (University of Notre Dame), “Mary and Beatrice: A Study of Three Episodes of the Vita Nova

Paola M. Rodriguez (Graduate Center, CUNY), “Però ch’a le percosse non seconda: The Confluence of Occitan and Latin Pastoral in Dante’s Purgatorio I and XXVIII

Nassime Chida (Columbia University), “Historicizing Inferno 27: Guido da Montefeltro and the Warlords of Romagna”

Marco Sartore (Columbia University), “Contrition and Absolution: Dante between Theologians and Popular Religious Culture in the Episodes of Guido da Montefeltro, Manfredi, and Buonconte”