NOVEMBER 14-15, 2019
With Keynote Presentations by:
Vittorio Montemaggi, King’s College
Peter Hawkins, Yale Divinity
Denys Turner, Yale Divinity
Call for Papers
This conference will explore how Dante’s
Commedia can inform philosophical
reflection, taking the poem as a foundation
for inquiry into reality. Keeping in mind
Dante’s poetic achievement, we invite
papers focused on the fundamental
philosophical questions that the poem itself
raises and attempts to answer. This will
bring the poem into conversation with the
wider philosophical tradition, both Dante’s
sources and branches of thought that have
arisen since his time. It will likewise ask
what we can learn from thinking
philosophically with the narrative,
characters, action, and language of The
Divine Comedy.
We aim to bring together scholars who can
speak across disciplines to discuss
how The Divine Comedy enriches our
reading of perennial philosophical
themes, and contributes to
the task of philosophy
in the present day.
Possible questions to address include:
• What do Dante’s depictions of the damned, the saved,
and the blessed tell us about personal freedom?
• What do the figures encountered by the pilgrim
disclose about beauty and the mediating role of the
• What does Dante’s ascent illustrate about the
meaning and destiny of erotic desire?
• How does Dante’s portrayal of the structure of the
cosmos bear on an account of being and finitude?
• What does Dante’s attention to the comportment of
souls contribute to a phenomenology of the person?
• How does the poem reflect the link between
philosophical seeking and creative poiesis?
Proposals should be emailed to Paul Camacho
(, and should include a
title and an abstract of roughly 500 words.
The deadline for submissions is July 30, 2019.